Youth Red Cross

Convener: Dr J D Chauhan
The College has an active Youth Red Cross Society to promote Voluntary Blood Donation, First Aid Training and Importance of Casting Vote in the elections. The unit currently has a considerable volunteer strength. The activities organized by the society are as follows:

Date Event Guest/ResourcePerson (IfAny) Place Result/Remarks
Aug 15,2018 Independence Day Parade Subash Sihag

SDM Ambala Cantt.

S.D College,

Ambala Cantt

Motivational speech was given by the Chief Guest
Aug 27,2018 One Day Camp Anil Vij- Health and Sports Minister & Sh Ratanlal Khataria-MP New Grain Market, Mohra Wheel Chairs, Hearing Aids, Artificial Limbs etc were distributed to the physically challenged persons.
Sept 15,2018 One Day Camp Manoj Saini – Programme Officer Old Age Home, Ambala Cantt Visited Rehabilitation Center for Disabled, Contributed at the Wall of Kindness, Service at Old Age Home
Sept 24,2018 Blood Donation Camp Rajinder Vij S.D College, Ambala Cantt 130 units of blood were collected
Sept 21-24


Interstate Camp Ms. Kirti, Ms. Anjana, Ms. Rilima, Ms. Garima Aurovalley Aashram, Raiwala, Uttrakhand Sessions had been given to the youths about life.
31 Oct,2018 Quiz Competition


Resource person

Mr.Rishi from Jaipuria


S.D.College, Ambala Cantt • 55 teams participated in the quiz competition

First prize of 5000/-was given to

• Akhilesh – B.Sc. Med Ill

• Manish – B.Sc. Med Ill

• Second prize-Pen Drives was given

To Nitish

Third prize of Certificates was given to

• Lokesh – B.Sc. Med Ill

Kuldeep – B.Sc. Med Ill

30 Nov-

2 Dec,2018

National Cricket Tournament

(For Blind)

Sh. Subhash Chander Sihag

S.D.M Ambala Cantt

S. D College, Ambala Cantt • Total 60 blind players participated in the competition

• TeamsfromKerala,WestBengal,Telangana,Haryana


1 Dec. 2018 Free Health Checkup

& Cancer Detection Camp at S D College Ambala Cantt

Pannel of Doctors: Dr. Sandeep Kakkar (M.D. Oncology), Dr.Girdher Gopal (Surgical Oncology),

Dr. Vijay Bansal (ENT)

Dr. Veni Mittal (Gynecologist) Dr. Vandana Goel (M.D Pathology)

Dr. Abhishek Mittal (M.D. Medicine)

Dr. Karlik Mittal (M.D. Radiology)

Dr. Sachin Singh (M.S. Endoscopy)

S. D College Ambala Cantt • Free Conclusion

• Free Medicine

• Free Tests Conducted

• Memo graphy

• Pepusmear

• Endoscopy


• Cancer Patients-200

General Patients-100

18 Dec. 2018 Cancer Detection Camp Sh. Subhash Bansal Rotary Club Ambala Cantt

Sh, Ajay Gupta

Sneh- Sparsh NGO

Sh. Winner Singh World Cancer Trust

Village Tepla • 570 people examined in the camp

• Consultation was done in 4 well equipped cancer detection vans

• Free consultation was given for Oral Cancer, Throat Cancer, Gum Cancer

And Breast Cancer

Jan.04-09, 2019 State Level Camp(Girls) Camp Director-Rohit Shanna

Joint Camp Director-

Sarabjeet Singh

Punjabi Dharamshala, Kurukshetra • Total 4 youths pariticipated

• Different Cultural activities were done

• Lectures on Social Causes like

Women empowerment, disaster Management were given to all youths by resourced persons

• 2nd prize in Group dance was given

To S. D. College, Ambala Cantt

Jan10-15, 2019 First Aid and Home Nursing Training Camp Trainer for St. John Ambulance, India- Paramjeet Singh Hundal S. D. College, Ambala • Theory lecture on First Aid & Home Nursing

• Practical demonstration of first aid & home nursing

• Written test on first aid & home nursing

Practical test on first aid & home nursing

Jan18-21, 2019 State Level Youth Camp(Boys) Resource Persons-

– Mrs. Kriti, -Mr. Arvind

– Mrs. Sunita,

Mr. Sachidanand

Kumbhmela Prayagraj, U.P. • Information about KumbhMela. Information about duties.

• Training workshop regarding duties. Fonnation of groups.

• Duties with Doctors.

• Duties with traffic police.

Awareness Rallies.

Jan 26, 2019 Republic Day Parade SDM Ambala Cantt College Campus • Girls unit with 30 Youths Participated in the Parade

• Boys unit with 30 Youths Participated in the Parade

YRC unit Commander Holded the Flag & headed the Parade

Jan 29-Feb 02, 2019 District Level Camp(Boys & Girls) Resource Persons-(Mr. Somesh Gulati, Mr. Manoj, Mr. Sanjeev Dhiman, Miss Arti Sharma, Mr. Jaipal, Mrs. Vijay Laxmi G. M. N. College. Ambala Cantt • Introduction of all the youths & Counselors

• Lecture on History of YRC Home Nursing & First Aid Training

Was given to the youths Cultural Activities participation by all the youths

Feb 20,2019 YRC Fest & Oath Taking Ceremony Sh. R. C. Sharma,

Indian Red Cross Society, Haryana State Branch Chd

-Manoj Saini,

Distt. YRC lncharge, Ambala Red Cross.


Distt. Training Officer, Ambala Red Cross.

S. D. College, Ambala Cantt • Welcome of Chief Guest

Dr R C. Sharma

• Different events were organized

• Office Bearers took oath

• Youths were deputed at various Events to perform duties

• Total No. of

teams/colleges participated:39

Total no. of participants-178

Activities Organised by: YOUTH RED CROSS
Name of Teacher Incharge: Dr. J D Chauhan

15 Aug. 2016Idependence Day ParadeDr. AK Tandon (Tetd. Vice Principal)SANATAN DHARMA COLLEGE, A/Cantt57 Youths

Date Event Resource Person Organised at Participants/Result/Remarks
July, 2016 Formation of YRC Unit Dr. JD Chauhan (Teacher In-charge) College Campus Tatal no. of Youths enrolled-200
1-6 Sep. 2016 State Level YRC Camp (Boys) Sh. MK Arora (Camp Director State Head Quarter YRC Chandigarh) Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula 7 Youths
III Prize in Spoon Race
I Prize in Cultural Event
1-6 Sep. 2016 State Level YRC Camp (Girls) Sh. MK Arora (Camp Director State Head Quarter YRC Chandigarh) Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula 7 Youths
I Prize in Solo Dance
I Prize in Skit Competition
Best Coordination
Team Award
2nd Oct. 2016 Cleanliness Drive & Tree Plantation Sh. Rajinder Vij (Social Activist Of Ambala) SD College (Lahore), A/Cantt 50 Youths
3 Oct. 2016 Orientation & Oath Taking Ceremony Sh. Anil Joshi (Sec. Youth Red Cross Ambala SD College Ambala Cantt 80 Youths
YRC Android App. Launched
3 Oct. 2016 Blood Donation Camp Sh. Anil Vij (Health Minister of Haryana) SD College, Ambala Cantt 35 Youths
80 Units of Blood Donated
18-24 Oct. 2016 Inter State Level YRC Camp JL Choudhary (Haryana Youth Red Cross Branch Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula 4 Youths
III Prize in Spoon Race
21 Oct. 2016 Braile Reading & Writing Competitions Sh. Anil Vij (Health Minister of Haryana Aggarwal Dharamshala, Ambala Cantt 20 Youths
80 Blind Boys & 25 Blind Girls Participated
9 States Participaed -: Urrisa, UK, UP, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Gujrat, Jharkhand, Punjab
22-23 Oct. 2016 Mini Blood Donation Camp for Blinds Sh. Anil Vij (Health Minister of Haryana) Aggarwal Dharamshala, Ambala Cantt 22 Youths
50 Units of Blood Donated by Blind Donors
31 Oct. 2016 National Unity Day Celebration Dr. Rajinder Singh (Principal SD College Ambala Cantt) SD College, Ambala Cantt 100 Youths
Human Chain was made by Youths
March of Unity by Staff & Students in Playground
9-13 Jan. 2017 Youth Red Cross Training Camp Sh. Mukesh Aggarwal (Vice Chairman, Haryana Red Cross Society, Chandigarh) Govt. College Ambala Cantt 8 Youths
Best Counselor Award
1st Prize in Quiz
1st Prize in Solo Singing(F)
2nd Prize in Ext. Speech(M)
2nd Prize in Ext. Speech(F)
26 Jan. 2017 Republic Day Parade Dr. Rashimi Chaudhary (Former Head Dept. of Music) SD College, Ambala Cantt 40 Youths
27-31 Jan. 2017 ational Camp, Bhuwneshwar, Udisa Sh.Pradeep Kumar Tripathi(SBTC) Sh. Rajan Mohanti P-C ODMP, IRCS, OSB
Sh. Prasanta Kumar Nayak OSDMA
2nd Prize in Quiz
NMIET Institute, Bhuwneshwar, Udisa 6 Youths
2nd Prize in Debate
2nd Prize in Group Dance
30 Jan. – 6 Feb. 2017 1 Week Palliative Care Program for Cancer Patients Dr. David Makhintosh & Dr. Jane Makhintosh from Australia Hospitals & Villages of Distt. Ambala 10 Youths
Special Campus Awareness Campaign for rural Public
20 Feb. 2016 Blood Donation Camp Sh. Anil Vij (Health Minister of Haryana SD College, Ambala Cantt 44 Youths
202 Blood Units Collected, Star Blood Donors Awarded
20 Feb. 2016 Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Sh. DS Rana (NSS Cordinator, KUK) SD College, Ambala Cantt 20 Youths
406 Patients Consulted the Doctor