S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore)
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

National Cadet Corps

Officers In-charge
Capt. Dr. Ashutosh Angiras (ANO) (Boys’ Wing)
Lt. Dr. Vijay Sharma (ANO) (Girls’ Wing)

The college is committed to produce disciplined, spirited and patriotic human resource through its fully functional NCC wings of boys and girls under able command and guidance of its NCC officers. Selfless devotion, hard work, urge for excellence & continuous perseverance of ANOs has resulted in creating dedicated & devoted cadets of NCC who are ever willing to serve the nation. The college has two platoons for boys and girls and cadets of both wings participate in various training and adventure camps, social and welfare activities organized across the country. The dedicated cadets of the college make us proud by participating in National level parades organized at Rajpath on Republic Day, Thal Sena Camps, Army Recruitment Camps and also in various State level and District level functions.

NCC Boy’s Wing

S No Name of The Camp Place Cadets
1. RDC-2017 Delhi Delhi Vijay Singh, Chamandeep Singh, Rohit Kumar Sharma, Rakesh Kumar
2. SNIC-Nagaland Nagaland Dhruv Sharma, Rishabh Mishra, Vishal Pundir
3. Special Treeking Camp Kolapur Ashutosh Mishra, Nitish Pandey, Manish Kumar
4. CATC & IGC Ambala, Kanipla, Ropar 08 Cadets (Vijay Singh, Chamandeep Singh, Rohit Kumar Sharma, Rakesh Kumar, Vishal Pundi, Sanjay, Nitish Pandey, Manish Kumar)
5. Army Attachment Camp Ad Unit Ambala Cantt Vikrant
6. ATC Ambala Cantt 24 Cadets
7. CATC Kanipla 25 Cadets
8. Ambala Marathan Ambala Cantt 20 Cadets
9. International Yoga Day 21st june, 2016 SD College A/Cantt 30 Cadets
10. ATC Kunjpura Sainik School, Kunjpura 15 Cadets
*15 Cadets Appeared For NCC (C) Certificate Exam.
*19 Cadets Appeared For NCC (B) Certificate Exam.
SD College (Lahor) Won The Overall Trophy In ATC At Ambala Cantt
Guard of Honor was given to all the aminent dignitaries who visited the college on different occasions.



NCC Girl’s Wing

S No Date of Activity Name of Activity Organise By Place Cadets
1. 22-29 May, 2016 Tracking Camp & Shooting Camp Tamil Nadu Nilgiri Nisha, Nitu, Monika, Kulvinder, Kajal
2. 18-26 May, 2016 Shooting Camp Trilokpur Simranjeet Kaur, Saroj, Swati, Panjeta
3. 28 May – 6 June, 2016 Shooting Camp Jind
4. 15-24 June, 2016 Shooting Camp Yamunanagar
5. 25-27 June, 2016 Shooting Camp Karnal
6. 1-10 July, 2016 Inter Group Ropar
7. 11-20 July, 2016 North Zone Ropar Saroj
8. 1-10 Augest, 2016 CATC Shooting Camp Chandigarh Saroj Kumari
9. 15-20 Augest, 2016 Chandigarh Practice Camp Chandigarh Saroj Kumari
10. 21 Aug. – 2 Sep., 2016 Inter Dct. Shooting Championship West Bengal Saroj Kumari
11. 19 June – 16 Aug., 2016 Pre-TSC 10 Hr, B Karnal
2 Hr, B Ambala
12 HR, B Karnal
INV Saga, Karnal Scout & Guide, Ambala Commando Complex, Karnal Kanika
12. 26 Aug. – 4 Sep. 2016 Pre-DCATC-I 10 Hr BN Karnal Ropar Anubhuti, Kajal
13. 7 Sep. – 15 Oct. 2016 Pre-DCATC-II, III,IV 1 Hr BN, Ambala
2 Hr BN, Ambala
Scout & Guide GIMT, Kurukshetra Anubhuti
14. 7-16 Sep. 2016 ATC 1 Hr BN, Ambala GIMT, Kurukshetra 39 Students
15. 15 Oct. – 3 Nov. 2016 IGC RDC, DCATC-I, II Shimla Group Ropar Anubhuti
16. 2-16 Nov. 2016 Army Attachment III RKT Jandli Ambala Manisha, Baniwal, Madhu, Swati Sharma, Urvashi
17. 1-10 Dec. 2016 Pre-RDC-I Shimla Group Ropar Anubhuti
18. 30 Dec. 2016 – 8 Jan. 2017 Personality Development & Leadership Camp Chandigarh Group Chandigarh Vandna, Anubhuti, Simranjeet
19. 10-12 Jan., 2017 Army Day Practice Kharga Kharga Stadium, Ambala Cantt Avneet Kaur, Simran, Monika, Ashu, Kajal, Kanika, Nitu, Nisha, Sheetal, Nancy, Kanika, Puja, Gunja, Swarnjali
20. 13 Jan. 2017 Army Day Celebration Kharga Kharga Stadium Avneet, Simran, Monika, Nancy, Swaranali, Puja, Gunja, Sheetal Kanika, Vandana, Anubhuti, Kanika, Madhu, Urvashi, Nitu, Nisha, Shalu, Chhavi, Radhika, Purnima
21. 26 Jan. 2017 Practice & Final Function SD College A/Cantt SD College A/Cantt Vandana, Manisha, Anubhuti, Simranjeet, Avnit, Sonia, Ashu, Kajal, Chhavi, Shalu, Radhika, Naveen, Neha, Rajneet, Shivani, Kanika, Nitu, Nisha, Navneet, Chetna, Monika
22. 24 June, 2017 SD College A/Cantt SD College A/Cantt Anubhuti, Kanika, Cheetna, Simran, Swaranali, Monika, Gurjet, Sheetal, Kanika, Nancy CADETS
23. 3 Feb., 2017 Gov. Guard SD College A/Cantt SD College A/Cantt Neetu, Kanika, Shivani, Kajal, Sonia, Cheetna
24. 24 Feb. 2017 ‘B’ Exam SD College A/Cantt SD College A/Cantt 18 CADETS