Hindi Department

Department Contact Details

Contact Number: 0171-2630283
Extension: 114



Name Qualifications
Dr Vijay Sharma M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D
Dr Saryu Sharma M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D
Dr Sandeep Kumar Phuliya M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D
Dr Leena Goyal MA,Ph.D
Dr. Anju Sharma Ph.D
Course(s)/ Subject(s) Offered:
UG Level:
 Hindi (Compulsory) in BA I , II , III
 Hindi in B.Sc. II as additional subject
UG Level:
M.A. (Hindi) Two year full time course
  1. The faculty members are actively involved in research guidence for M.Phil/PhD. candidates.
  2. Many of the faculty members have published a number of books for UG/PG courses.
  3. The faculty members contribute by delivering guest lectures in seminars / workshop at national/international levels.
  4. Many of the faculty members are involved in active research and publish research papers regularly.

Hindi Sahitya Sabha

Teacher in charge: Dr Leena Goyal

The association organized “Poetry Recitation and Essay Writing Contests” on the occasion of Hindi Diwas on September 14, 2017. A Declamation Contest in collaboration with National Awareness Forum was organized on March 06, 2018. Following students won the competitions: Poetry Recitation :

I-Oshima (B.Sc. N.M. -1);

II- Navneet Dhariwal (M.A. Eng. II);

III-Shanu (B.A. II (H) Pol.Sc.)

Declamation Contest :

I-Anisha (B.Com II);

II-Nishu (B.Sc. Med. II);

III-Jessica (B.A. (H) Eng. I &

Consolation : Prakriti (B.Com OMSP-II)