S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore)
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

Annual Talent Show 2016-17

Name of the teacher incharge: Dr. Paramjit Kaur

Talent Finding show held on 20-08-2016
Position/ Prize Name of the Student Class Roll No. Amount(Rs.)
Ist Navesha M. A English I 1642003 600
2nd Aditi B. Sc Bio-Tech II 151407 500
3rd Divya Rana B. Sc Non Medical I 1613010 400
Consolation Sonia B. Sc Medical I 1614016 300
Ist Yashmia BBA I 1617012 600
2nd Monika V. Com II 1612048 500
3rd Lisa BA Eng. HONS. I 1618002 400
Consolation Akanksha B. Com I 1641147 300
Ist Jashandeep Singh B. Sc Non Medical I 1613424 600
2nd Amandeep Kausguk MA Hindi II 1541401 500
3rd Ankita B. Com I 1641119 200
Consolation Ritika B. S Non Medical II 1513053 200
Ist Kajal Sharma BA II 1511052 600
2nd Amandeep Kaushik MA Hindi II 1541401 500
3rd Garima Shrivastava B. Sc Medical I 1614020 400
Ist Simranjeet Singh BA I 1611439 600
2nd Deergha B. Com II 1512033 500
3rd Monika B. Com II 1512048 400
Consolation Pavitar Singh BA I 1611594 300
Ist Akhilesh Sharma B. Sc Medical I 1614402 600
2nd Abbimanu Kumar B. Sc Bio-Tech II 1514509 500
3rd Shravan Kumar B. Sc Electrics I 1613607 400
Ist Monika B. Com II 1612048 600
2nd Taranjeet Singh B. Voc BPO I 500
3rd Jashandeep Singh B. Sc Non Medical I 1613424 400
Ist Rakesh BA II 1511657 600
2nd Abhishek BA II 1511599 500
2nd Devansh B. Voc I 1616505 400
Grand Total 12900



39th Zonal Youth Festival, Ambala Zone sponsored by Dept of Youth & Cultural Affairs, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra was held in the college from 12 – 14 October2016. The three day long cultural festival was attended by almost 1000 students from 18 colleges of the Ambala Zone. The gala had participants competing in 43 events under the categories of Cultural (30 events), Literary (4events), Fine Arts (8 events) and Quiz competition.

Chief Minister of Haryana, Hon’ble Sh Manohar Lal was the Chief Guest for the inaugural function on March 12, 2016. Sports & Health Education Minister, Hon’ble Sh Anil Vij was the Guest of Honour.

Winners Zonal Youth Festival

Oct.12-14, 2016


Recommended items Teacher Incharge Commended Items Teacher Incharge
(General) Folk Song Dr. Madhu Sharma (General) Group Dance Dr. Nirvair Singh, Ms. Zeenat Madan, Ms. Bindu Aggarwal
(General) Group Song Dr. Madhu Sharma (Haryanvi) Group Song Dr. Madhu Sharma
(Haryanvi) Group Dance Ms. Neetu Bakshi, Mr. Gulshan Singh, Ms. Monika Sharma Classical Instrumental Solo(Non-Percussion) Dr. Paramjit Kaur
(Haryanvi) Orchestra Dr. Paramjeet Kaur Classical Instrumental Solo(Percussion) Dr. Paramjit Kaur
(Haryanvi) Solo Dance Male Ms. Neetu Bakshi, Mr. Gulshan Singh, Ms. Monika Sharma Classical Solo Dance Dr. Leena Goel
(Western) Group Song Dr. Prem Singh Classical Vocal Solo Dr. Madhu Sharma
Choreography Prof. Satbir Singh, Ms. Anita Phulia, Ms. Mandeep Clay Modeling Ms. Shreshtha Muraal
Debate Dr. Uma Sharma Dr. Jaideep Chauhan Collage Ms. Shreshtha Muraal
Haryanvi Folk Song(Solo) Dr. Madhu Sharma Declamation in Sanskrit Dr. Uma Sharma
Poetical Symposium Dr. Uma Sharma Dr. Jaideep Chauhan Haryanvi Gazal Dr. Madhu Sharma
Poster Making Ms. Shreshtha Muraal Haryanvi Pop Song Ms. Rajni Gupta, Mr. Harvinder Singh, Dr. Ekta Anand
Rasiya Group Dance Dr. Chiman Lal, Ms. Neelam Devi Indian Light Vocal Dr. Madhu Sharma
Rituals Prof. Tejinder Singh Ms. Rajni Aggarwal Indian Orchestra Dr. Paramjit Kaur
Saang Mr. Chirag Oberoi, Mr. Gurjeet Singh, Ms. Shivani Installation Ms. Shreshtha Muraal
Symposium Dr. Jaideep Chauhan On the Spot Painting Ms. Shreshtha Muraal
Western Vocal (Solo) Dr. Prem Singh One Act Play Mr. Manish Goel, Mr. Deepak Kumar, Ms. Pooja Rani
Sanskrit Drama Dr. Uma Sharma
Western Instrumental (Solo) Dr. Prem Singh



Inter- Zonal Youth Festival

Nov.09-11, 2016


Recommended Items Participants Teacher In-charge
(Haryanvi) Solo Dance Male Navneet Tiwari B.Voc.I

Singer: Jaspreet Singh B.A. II

Ms. Neetu Bakshi


Commended Items Teacher In-charge
(Haryanvi) Group Dance Ms. Neetu Bakshi,Ms Monika & Mr. Gulshan
Symposium Dr. Jaideep Chauhan
(Haryanvi) Orchestra Dr.Paramjeet Kaur
(Western) Group Song Dr. Prem Singh
Choreography Mr. Satbir Singh
Debate Dr. Jaideep Chauhan
Poster Making Ms. Shreshtha Muraal
Rasiya Group Dance Dr. Chiman La
Rituals Prof. Tejinder Singh
(General) Folk Song Dr. Madhu Sharma

(Other Activities)


Event Date Place Details If Any
On the Spot Painting, Poster Making, Clay Modeling, Collage, Rangoli, Cartooning, Installation 03.10.2016 S.D College, Ambala Cantt. 40 students participated
Inter National Geeta Jyanthi Samaroh 08.12.2016 Inter- National Geeta Jyanthi Samaroh”, Kurukshetra 12 students performed Choreography and won special prize money 22000/-

Event Organised By Date Place Details
State Level Declamation Contest Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan 11.01.2017 Jind Priya Sharma, Bsc. Medical-II (1st Position, Prize Rs 25000/-)


State Level Seven Days Cultural Fest in Collaboration with Haryana Kala Parishad, Chandigarh & Ambala Musical Club (March 10-17, 2017)


S.No Name of Event Date
1 Mhara Haryana (Nagender Sharma & Group) 10-March-2017
2 Wow-Womania (Ankit Dhariwal Memorial Trust) 11-March-2017
3 Jagriti Natak (Aadi Manch Group) 12-March-2017
4 Performance by S.D College Troupe 14-March-2017
5 Sufi Sandhya(Suresh Kumar &Group) 15-March-2017
6 Light and Sound(Saka-E-Sarhind) 16-March-2017
7 Court Marshal (theatre for theatre) 17-March-2017